A secure future with dignity for children and women of nomadic communities through education and livelihood programmes

About Us

Vanavil Trust

Understanding that education paves way for equal opportunities in society, we educate the children of nomadic tribal communities through our Primary school, Children’s Home and After-school centres

Vanavil was started in the aftermath the 2004 Tsunami, in 2005 as a bridge school for children from Boom Boom Maatukarar Community. Started by a group of young professionals, the trust has spread its wings from just being a school to an organization that provides and supports the education of children from the nomadic tribal communities by running multiple projects. Vanavil is tackling the gaps in education, malnutrition, child safety, employability and awareness in one of the most backward regions in all of India. Currently Vanavil is operating in Nagapattinam, Tiruvarur, Mayiladuthurai districts on Tamil Nadu.

Our focus areas

An integrated approach to build a equitable and empowered society

Mission & Vision


The nomadic and marginalised communities attain Equality, Identity and Dignity


To ensure equality and dignity for nomadic communities by working for their protection, development and well being in Tamilnadu through Education, Livelihood, Advocacy, Health and Nutrition.

Our Programs

Vanavil Nursery and Primary School

Sixteen years of working with nomadic communities have enabled us to imbibe the best parts of various educational models and pedagogies and to process them through our practice and come up with a pedagogy of our own. We keep the children away from begging and provide comprehensive care including education, health and well-being. We currently operate with 100 students and 10 staff.

Vanavil After-School centres

We run after-school centres for school-going children in 9 villages where the Boom Boom Maatukarars have settlements. We provide academic support, conduct classes for extracurricular activities and provide them with nutritious snacks every day. At present we support 600+ students - 600+ with 20 teaching & support staff

Higher Education Support

Higher Education programme at Vanavil ensures that all our students who complete their higher secondary schooling continue their studies till they finish undergraduate education of their choice and interest. We provide the financial support needed to complete the course and also assign mentors with whom the children can communicate on a regular basis for academic and personal support. Currently we support 65 students through this programme.

Health and nutrition:

Malnourishment is prevalent among children of Boom Boom Matukarars and Narikuravars community. We provide healthy, nutritious meals and snacks to help them improve their physical condition.

Vanavil Children’s Home

Our Home is an authorized children’s home with 38 girls and 7 boys. We rehabilitate children from begging and children brought in by the government’s social welfare department. We provide them shelter, nutritious food and enroll them into the local school. We engage them in sports and extra-curricular activities to keep them encouraged.

Livelihood of Nomadic women:

The livelihood program at Vanavil is designed to help young women and single women from the community to be financially independent. We arrange interest free loans to run small businesses, buy cows and set up a milk society which will be run by women and run a tailoring centre to teach tailoring and find them jobs in the market.

Our Activities

Vanavil Nursery and Primary School


As schools reopened we entered our newly painted campus with new play equipment. Children are learning about the At Vanavil Nursery and Primary School, we have conducted several classroom learning activities. As the schools reopened, students were welcomed to our newly painted campus with new play equipment. Children are also learning about the animal world and visiting farms. Children are also expressing their creativity through art that they have learned and are playing in the newly set-up play area.

New After School Center at Pamani


On January 21st, 2022, Vanavil opened a new Afterschool Centre at Pamani, Mannarkudi. The centre was started to support the educational and nutritional needs of children from nomadic tribal communities. Since the inception of the centre, 40 children from the Narikuravar nomadic tribal community have been benefited.

Our Impact

It is the small change that makes the biggest impact.


Board Members

Revathi R


Dinesh Sundaramurthy


R.Solai Raj


Advisory Panel

Devishree Radhakrishnan


Emaya Kannamma




Senthil Babu


Kalpana Bhat


Team Members

Vardini M S (Fundraising Manager)

Abinaya N (Compliance & Finance Manager)

Sasipriya (Program Coordinator)

Revathi T (Higher Education Coordinator)

Akila (Childrens Home Coordinator)

Gayathri (Teacher and School Coordinator)

Devika S (Afterschool Program Coordinator)

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Account Number: 954121293

Bank: Indian Bank

Branch: Nagapattinam

IFSC Code: IDIB000N004

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Volunteer with us for making a difference in somebody's life and also it is a good opportunity for you to give back to the society. For more information, mail us at team@vanavil.org

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